DND UV/LED Flashcure, Red

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DND - UV/LED Flashlight Red - DNDFLASH-R
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DND UV/LED Flashcure, Red DND UV/LED Flashcure, Red
Color : Red
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Mini UV-LED Flashlight – Desirable for curing one nail at a time. Use for curing DND Soft Gel Tips, Gel Art Liners, and Crystal Nail Diamonds.


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Weight 0.07
UPC 300100431101
  • 3 Watts of Power
  • Cures 1 nail precisely at a time
  • Mini - can fit in many places
  • AAA battery is not included
  1. Prep Nails: Start with clean, dry nails. Ensure they are free from polish, oils, and debris.
  2. Shape Nails (Optional): Shape your nails to your liking and gently buff the surface for a smooth canvas.
  3. Apply Base Coat: Use DND Gel Base Coat to apply a thin, even layer to each nail. Cure under a UV or LED lamp according to specifications.
  4. Apply UV/LED Flashlight Red: Brush on a thin, even layer of DND UV/LED Flashlight Red, avoiding contact with cuticles. Cure under the UV or LED lamp.
  5. Optional Second Coat: For a more intense color, apply a second thin coat and cure under the lamp.
  6. Apply Top Coat: Seal the color with DND Gel Top Coat. Apply a thin, even layer and cure under the UV or LED lamp.
  7. Final Cure: Cure the entire manicure one final time to ensure all layers are fully set.
  8. Cleanse Residue (Optional): After curing, cleanse any sticky residue with nail cleanser or rubbing alcohol for a glossy finish.
DND's Mission Statement
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  • CREATE superiority within the industry as the go-to nail manufacturer for state-of-the-art products, proven to perform to the best of standards while upholding the motto “Done right from the start.”
  • UNDERSTAND the needs of the salon industry. As nail professional ourselves, we have a clear understanding of the industry and the demand for the highest quality products and services possible – which is why quality has and will always be our number one priority.


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