Nail Paints of La Nails

The Beginning

Cathy always wanted to create a beauty life for her future. Discovering the path was difficult just like many Vietnamese immigrants. From being a hair stylist to opening the first nails supply, there were many risks but much passion. The passion to support the growing Vietnamese community as well as women in general. Why “LA Nail Supplies”? Who doesn’t think that LA is a innovative powerhouse for the beauty and fashion world? Cathy wanted to bring LA to the east coast.

We started out in a small location in North Carolina and when the opportunity rose, moved to Atlanta, GA. We have moved locations many times and through all the changes, it is still a family business; three generations. Welcome—we’re glad you’re here. 

The Experience

“I Heart CND!” If you don’t know this saying or its origins, let us explain. It was a platform created to bring the brand ambassadors and educators on the highest level to nail salon owners and technicians in the mid 2000’s. This took place at nail distributors’ brick and mortar. It was a nail beauty party! LA Nail Supplies has continued this tradition of having our brands be a thorough part of the education and sales process.


Nail Paints of La Nails
Nail Paints of La Nails

The Stuff

We are as great as our brands. LA Nail Supplies is a dedicated distributor of over 150 brands. Over the past 25 years and counting, we have seen brands grow and have been a part of that growth. Our passion is finding the best brands in the market and providing a great price for our customers.

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