Gelish 18G Plus Led Light With Comfort Cure, Corded

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Gelish 18G Plus Led Light With Comfort Cure, Corded Gelish 18G Plus Led Light With Comfort Cure, Corded
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The Gelish LED 18G Plus Gel Light is a scientifically-engineered, precisely calibrated authentic LED (Light-Emitting Diode) light of exceptional quality. It is specially designed for rapid, efficient gel curing, particularly for the high-performance Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polishes. Gelish LED 18G Plus Gel Light - The ultimate professional salon curing experience. CORDED.

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Weight 3.48
UPC 810003070180
  • The Comfort Cure setting builds LED power over a 60-second period, which helps mitigate heat spikes for sensitive clients.
  • New 60-second setting
  • Patented eyeShield™ (limits light exposure)
  • Safelight™ Technology
  • Magnetic tray for easy sanitizing and effortless pedicure services
  • Illuminated comfort pad
  • Resistant to scratches and acetone
  • Countdown feature
  1. Preparation:Place the Gelish 18G Plus LED Light on a flat, stable surface near your workspace. Ensure the power cord is within reach of a power outlet.
  2. Preheat:Switch on the power button located on the side or front of the LED light unit to activate it. Allow the LED bulbs to preheat for a few seconds before use.
  3. Positioning:Position the client's hand inside the LED light unit, ensuring that the nails are directly under the LED bulbs for optimal curing.
  4. Curing Process:Once the curing time is set, press the start button to begin the curing process. The LED bulbs will emit light in the appropriate wavelength to cure the gel polish or gel product applied to the nails.
  5. Curing Sequence:For a complete cure, ensure that each nail is exposed to the LED light for the specified curing time. Some LED lights have preset curing sequences with automatic shut-off timers for convenience.
  6. Final Cure:After the curing cycle is complete, switch off the LED light unit and remove the client's hand. Gelish recommends performing a final wipe with Gelish Cleanser or rubbing alcohol to remove the tacky residue (if applicable).
  7. Cleaning and Maintenance:Regularly clean the LED bulbs and the interior of the LED light unit with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any dust or residue. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that may damage the unit.
  8. Storage:Store the Gelish 18G Plus LED Light in a clean, dry area when not in use to protect it from dust and debris and prolong its lifespan.

As Nail Artists ourselves, we understand that nothing is more important than the tools of our craft and nothing is more challenging than product inconsistencies. It has been and always will be that quality is our #1 priority.
We are proud to identify as a PETA certified cruelty-free brand.


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