DND DC Foil Transfer Gel Base, 0.5oz fl oz

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DC Foil Gel Base
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DND DC Foil Transfer Gel Base, 0.5oz fl oz DND DC Foil Transfer Gel Base, 0.5oz fl oz
Color : Clear
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DC Foil Gel Base Foil Transfer is a game-changer in the world of nail art, designed to elevate your manicure with stunning foil effects. This innovative foil gel base creates a smooth and adhesive surface, allowing you to effortlessly transfer captivating foil designs onto your nails. Unleash your creativity and achieve professional-looking foil nail art with DC Foil Gel Base Foil Transfer, a must-have for nail enthusiasts and professionals a like.

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Weight 0.16
UPC 300100375122
Finish Clear
  1. Foil Transfer Mastery: Specifically formulated to enhance the adhesion of foil, making intricate designs easy to achieve.
  2. Versatile Application: Ideal for creating a variety of foil nail art designs, from subtle accents to bold and intricate patterns.
  3. High-Quality Formula: DC Foil Gel Base ensures a smooth and even application, providing a professional finish.
  4. Easy-to-Use: Suitable for both beginners and experienced nail artists, offering a seamless foil transfer experience.
  5. Long-Lasting Results: The foil gel base promotes longevity, ensuring your nail art stays vibrant and captivating.
  6. Efficient Transfer: Enables the transfer of foil designs without hassle, allowing for precise and intricate detailing.
  7. Professional-Grade Quality: Trusted by nail technicians for salon-quality foil nail art results.
  8. Compatible with Various Foil Designs: Works seamlessly with a wide range of foil patterns and colors, providing endless creative possibilities.
  1. Apply regular gel base coat** DC800 Base Coatand cure for 45 seconds
  2. Apply regular gel top coat** DC900 Top Coatand cure for 45 seconds
  3. Apply Foil Gel Baseand cure for 60 seconds
  4. Use desired Foil Transfer Printand apply directly to the nail
  5. Apply regular gel top coat** DC900 Top Coatand cure for 45 seconds
DND's Mission Statement
  • PROVIDE the salon industry with all of the tools needed to help make salon businesses even more successful with the latest and greatest in nail products.
  • ESTABLISH opportunity for learning through proper education and training courses domestically and internationally.
  • CREATE superiority within the industry as the go-to nail manufacturer for state-of-the-art products, proven to perform to the best of standards while upholding the motto “Done right from the start.”
  • UNDERSTAND the needs of the salon industry. As nail professional ourselves, we have a clear understanding of the industry and the demand for the highest quality products and services possible – which is why quality has and will always be our number one priority.


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